Become a Student of the Game

You’ve heard us make that statement over the years. What does it mean?

We’ve said, if you’re going to coach baseball become a student rather than a fan. Put aside any fan fanaticism and take into consideration the importance of coaching.

You are coaching and teaching young people and like it or not you are a role model for them. Give them your best. A fervent fan does not make a good coach. Learning the complexities of baseball presents a formidable task for any novice coach.

I believe a teacher (Coach) should become the most ardent student of all, much more than his players. We often get calls from coaches and parents concerning learning about one segment of the game or another. Our answer is always the same; become a student. It takes time and patience. You will not be successful overnight.

I tell them about one wall in my game room; filled to overflowing with baseball books magazines and videos. If something new comes out, I am right on it. You can never have too much knowledge.

Baseball is very beguiling because of the simplicity of the game. But behind that simplicity are a myriad of complexities. Please don’t let your ego get in the way and allow a few youth baseball successes mesmerize you into thinking you know it all.

There’s an old saying, “When you’re green you’re growing; when you’re ripe you’re rotting.”

Here are some suggestions for you to consider.

  • Baseball is the most difficult game to teach and play. Give the teaching of skills your highest priority.

Coaching young baseball players can be the most rewarding time of your life if you give it your best commitment of time and effort. “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”… Robert Frost 1874–1963

Coach Tim Kafer



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Tim Kafer has coached over 25 years of youth baseball. He has worked with players at college, High School and youth